NewsTrust Baltimore: Final Report

Here is our final report on NewsTrust Baltimore, our local news experiment. This six-month pilot took place in Baltimore, Md., from February to July 2011, with funding from the Open Society Foundations.

In this last report, we summarize our activities on this multifaceted project and share some of our key findings about Baltimore's news ecosystem, the impact of our curation and education services on the local community and much more.

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Best Media Watchdog Experiment: NewsTrust

We got used to NewsTrust Baltimore’s e-mails very quickly. More than a thoughtful amalgam of Baltimore stories from around the web, the alerts came with an invitation to think about the stories in a critical way and comment via a strict form ...
Posted by Fabrice Florin

Mapping Baltimore's news ecosystem

Our findings about journalism in Baltimore revealed a rich, diverse and growing media landscape.

During our six-month pilot, our community posted more than 3,200 story reviews -- 32 percent of which were from independent sources. Check out the breakdown of these stats, as well as information about some of the key players in the Baltimore news ecosystem.

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Teaching news literacy

During the NewsTrust Baltimore project, we trained 26 teachers and more than 200 students from our educational partner organizations -- and their participation made a big difference on our site.

Our report on our educational and community efforts details some of the interesting ways NewsTrust Baltimore was used in high-school and college classrooms, as well as contributions from our members.

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Finding good journalism in Baltimore

This report offers an inside look at the editorial operations of NewsTrust Baltimore, our local news experiment.

This project helped more than 20,000 Baltimore residents find good journalism about their city -- and hundreds of students became more discerning news consumers in the process. This report also covers community activities, media partnerships and recommendations for local news sites.

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Final stats of the Baltimore pilot

Here are the final statistics from our six-month NewsTrust Baltimore pilot, from Jan. 31 to July 31, 2011. These results suggest that our local news experiment was well-received, with encouraging levels of participation from the Baltimore community.

A total of 21,048 people visited NewsTrust Baltimore during our six-month pilot, from Jan. 31 to July 31, 2011, according to Google Analytics.

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NewsTrust Baltimore wraps up
This six-month pilot concluded at the end of July 2011, and we would like to thank the community for participating. You are still welcome to post and review stories on the site, but there will not be any staff moderation.
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